~ Magical  Pumpkin ~

'Neath a Harvest Moon one crisp Fall
a bunch of pumpkins sat on a fence wall
Each one thought they were the best of all
They all had a great magical dream ...
of what they would be this Halloween

The biggest pumpkin bragged and said
I'm going to be the headless horseman's head
then one said, I'd rather sit on a porch
and scare all the little kids instead ...

One girl pumpkin's heart's desire
was helping a witch build a fire
and help the witch with her brew
That's what she wanted to do!
And when put to the test ...
Out of all the other pumpkins
She would be the best!!

They all sat there on the fence wall...
Who would be the scariest and best of all ... !?
The little pumpkin sitting there on the end
who was very bashful and shy
said he just wanted to have lots of friends ...

The little shy pumpkin said
"I just want to have fun ...
I don't want to scare anyone"
Soon all the pumpkins had been bought
and taken to their new homes
leaving the shy pumpkin all alone ...

The little shy pumpkin was lonely
and wondered, "What will become of me"
But then a Priest came one day,
bought the shy pumpkin and took him away

Little did the shy pumpkin suspect or know
He was going to an orphanage ...
and he was going to be the "Main Show"
On his face they carved a great big smile
much to the delight of every orphan child

They sat him on a big long table
with a brightly lit candle inside ...
The shy pumpkin was so happy
and his heart was filled with pride

Surrounded by all the children there
magical happiness filled the air
And sitting in the middle of the dining hall
the little shy pumpkin knew ...
He was the best pumpkin after all!!

So you see ... dreams do come true
there's magical adventures awaiting you
Keep a pure heart and love everyone ...
that's how magic is done!

Happy Halloween!
Remember ... follow your dreams!

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

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