~ Magnificent Magnificat ~

"My soul magnifies the Lord",
Mary told her cousin that day.
She signified Her soul was His.
For she agreed, I'd say.
ALL people would call her "blessed",
For knowing, and loving God
This was certainly her message.
Though of low estate,
The Father chose her for the Son.
He sent the rich away.
And exalted her for number one.
Israel, He helped, He's shown His might
His chosen ones are filled.
Others must struggle and fight.
Imaginations of the proud,
He knows will serve to hinder,
While prayer and love out loud,
His kingdom soon will render.
You know, Mary told all this.
Saint Luke chapter two; go read.
Verses twenty-two to fifty-four,
Yes, my friends, take heed.

Diana Norris 2007

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