~ Mama Looked So Pretty In Pink ~

Mama was a gentle soul, kind, loving and soft spoken
A classy lady with all good manners refined as gold
Charming and a down to Earth person everyone loved
Dad loved to kiss and hug Mama, and tightly hold

Those times in the fifties women were ready
When I woke up any day all year round Mama was dressed
And makeup on, hair brushed and ready for the day
Mama wore many colors but I liked her in pink best

Mama taught me like her Mother taught her to cook,
Bake, do crafts, paint and take pride in their homes
My Mother and Grandmamma were my heros
Good women, happy thoughts, good right to their bones

Mama never talked about people only if it were a compliment
She would change the conversation if something not nice were said
We had a bond and all my cousins called her their favorite Aunt
Mama taught me to crochet, embroider, and cross stitch with thread

I learned politeness, manners, and how to listen when others talked
My times with my Mama were the golden threads that were woven into me
Mama always said, be careful what you say or do because it reflects back onto family
Id like to think Im half the lady my Mama was, and this is how I came to be

Mama loved the Lord and took me with her to church
Mama taught me about the Angels and Jesus when I was very young
The finest women I had ever known. Their friends were quite like them
I always felt so special to be around the best and not hear a slip of the tongue

Their love and laughter for this great life that God has given
Mama said education has its limits, but imagination is endless
I thank our Lord daily for the parents I was blessed with
To express oneself would lead to success

Joyce Ann Geyer 2007
Poet N My Soul

Thank you Mama for all that you have given me

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