~ Mama ~

Mama, can you hear me
calling out your name?
do you sense my sadness
whispered in the rain?

Tucked away inside me
in a very special place
are mem'ries of you, Mama
your touch and smiling face

Reflecting on a past tense
wishing they were new
emotions overflowing
with every thought of you

I crave your arms around me
to wipe away this pain
'n bring a ray of sunshine
'aft the pouring rain

'Oft times in the shadows
I'm still your little girl
round 'n round thoughts tango
mind begins to swirl

Ribbons made of satin
tied gently in my hair
ev'ry morn you'd nourish
with tender loving care

Heart to heart we'd venture
giggled, shared some tears
caught up in the moment
flashbacks, yesteryears

Cascading through my conscience
are those days now gone
visions dance before me
tiptoeing right along

My mind, a book of treasures
I jump from page to page
crayola colored pictures
dusted off, displayed

We had our disagreements
lashed out with painful words
forgiveness made us stronger
cleansed the bitter hurts

The years have passed so quickly
and yet, it feels brand new
hands of time keep ticking
weeks and months reviewed

Mama can you catch it?
a kiss blown to the sky
send one back for comfort
until our bye and bye

Salty tears and heartache
since you slipped away
'pon a cloud of sadness
remembering today

In Memory Of My Mom
Rita M. Senecal
06/20/21 ~ 01/13/85

01/13/06 Rose Marie Streeter

'To keep their memory alive
is to feel they never died
cherish and remember
'til we join them bye and bye'

~ Rose Marie Streeter


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