Mary what of God did you know
That he should come to you,
To bear the baby of His being
What is it that you knew.
Mary how did your soul hold the wonder
Of the secret within your soul,
As you gave up your life
To the blessing of the child you bore.
Mary, did you dream your tender one
Would grow to go alone,
To leave your loving nurture
And all that he had known.
Could you dream this precious son
Would trek far from your care,
That your heart would suffer
By the life that He must bear.
Mary, how did you let him go
When your mother heart,
Wanted to hold Him close
To protect Him from that desired path. 
Mary, had you dreamt this chosen one
Would walk upon the water,
Feed a multitude by prayer
And raise a rulers daughter.
Did you imagine your baby boy
A lonely way be trod,
All the misunderstanding to endure
As the perfect Son of God.
Mary, what pain did you grieve
As they mocked and jeered,
Did you understand the betrayal
While the crowds loudly cheered.
Mary did you comprehend the risk
How your heart would break,
That you would weep in agony
As He died for your sake.
How much did you know this beloved one
Was God's sacrificial lamb,
As you bowed to worship
Your Lord, as the Great I Am.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

2003 used with permission

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