~ Mary, The Mother of Jesus ~

Mary watched as her son Jesus
Was beaten with whips on His back
She saw with dread, how the Roman soldiers
Put a crown of thorns on His dear head

Mary, the mother of Jesus
Suffered with Him
As He walked the streets
Each step the path to the cross for our sin

She wanted to be with Him to gently wash His face
As she watched Him falling in the hate,
Simon was told to pick up His cross
He carried it until they reached the place
Where Jesus and two thieves hung on the cross
in disgrace

Mary, the mother of Jesus
Could see as the soldiers
Hammered nails in His hands and His feet
The agony of watching her beloved son die
Was a pain like no other
At the hour of 3pm, one thief asked Jesus
To take his soul to heaven
Jesus promised He would see heaven's wonder

Mary, watched as all grew dark
The earth shook with lightning and thunder
The Roman soldiers, all became afraid and ran away
as the earth split asunder
but a group of women stayed
with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and John
who Jesus asked to care for His mother

Jesus was put to rest
On the third day Mary and Mary Magdalene
Worshipped Jesus in the garden,
He was risen from the dead, just as He always said

All Jesus did, was so we could live
Mary the mother of Our Lord Jesus
Suffered as few have done
We should pray, as she learnt
If we want peace on the earth

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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