~ Mary's Dream~

I had a dream last night, Joseph,
And it confused me so;
It seemed a celebration of
Our sonís birth, yet, I donít know.

Six weeks it took them to prepare,
They decorated all;
They bought a multitude of gifts
At a place they called a "mall."

Each gift they wrapped in lovely paper
Topped with a pretty bow,
Then placed it íneath a tree that seemed
Inside their house to grow.

The tree they decorated, too,
Its branches filled by hand
With sparkling ornaments and balls,
And, Oh! It looked so grand!

Bright lights were twinkling everywhere,
Among the branches green,
And at the very top they placed
An angel figurine.

So beautiful it was, and yet,
Something was very wrong;
Excitement grew as they exchanged
These gifts, midst food and song.

None of the gifts were for our son,
His name was never spoken;
There was such joy and laughter there,
And yet my heart was broken.

Such trouble gone to for someone
That they seemed not to know;
Our son was not invited, Joseph,
And, oh, it pained me so.

And I felt so very strongly that
Had he come anyway,
He would have been intruding, and
Would have been turned away.

My tears, they flowed for Jesus, midst
Such joy, such jubilation;
How sad to not be wanted at
Oneís own birthday celebration.

Iím so relieved ítwas just a dream,
Joseph, how bad Iíd feel
Had I awoke at morning bells
And found it had been real!

Linda E. Newman © November 29, 2004

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