~ It Will Matter Not ~

Anyhow it just cannot be a matter
Whether it shall rain or shine
You'll always be so dear
A special friend of mine

It will not even be a question
If you are near or far
'Cause I carry you quite near my heart
Tucked beneath my arm

It cannot be a worry either
Whether we are well or ill
God keeps the family records safe
His love is with us still

It cannot be a quandary
Though winds may blow our way
You are my friend forever
Love does not go away

Then how could it matter
Even if we cannot stay in touch
Never can our hearts be severed
For I love you way too much

Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Teddy Bear Kisses
Teddy Bear Hugs
Warm, Fuzzy Feeling
Of Teddy Bear Love
A Heart Made Of Honey
A Soul Just As Sweet
Makes The Best Teddy Friend
From His Head To His Feet
So Be Kind To All Teddies
They Will Bring You Much Bliss
A Heart Filled With Love
Topped With Teddy Bear Kiss

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