Maybe Then
by: O' Puppy

You're lying there fast asleep and another day
has passed. One more moment that your heart
was starved of the precious feelings its needs
and I know I have missed another opportunity
like so many before to show you how much
I truly care about you and need you in my life

Tomorrow, yeah, one more chance if I am
that lucky, maybe then I will get it all together
and find the right time and all the perfect words
to let you know that had it not been for you, I
would have never gotten by all those times when
the weight of the world was resting on my shoulders

All those yesterdays that are now gone forever are
moments that I can forever look back on and smile
only because you were there to share them with me
And here I am so many memories later asking myself
why I haven't held you the right way and told you just
what you have meant to me from the beginning

Too many times, I have managed to find convenient
excuses to put everything else ahead of you when if it
were not for you, I could never have had the desire or
reserve to even contemplate all the endless tasks I was
forever consumed with that only took me from the most
important issue which was spending time with you

As I close my eyes next to you, I do so with the promise
that when they open once more, no longer will selfish
unimportant day to day decisions come between the love
we both vowed to live for and I will do everything in my
power to keep you first in all my decisions as you are in
my heart with every breath that I take

In the most rewarding way, I need you to forever realize
that only because of you in my life I have become the
beautiful person inside that I am today. So sleep tight my
precious other half as we both wait the rise of one more
day together with each others love. Maybe then you can
close your eyes with the love you were so denied tonight.

Ronnie D. Shreve





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