~ May I Make A Wish ~

I saw the brightest star tonight
May I make a wish
And will it then come true
I can see the one meant for me
Let him be part of my fate
Let him be my kismet too

Can I tell him of my love
I looked the wide world over
The thought brings me to tears
He may live a life I do not know
Yet his love will make me whole


I saw a shooting star tonight
May I make a wish
Over the ocean can he feel my heart
Am I in everything he knows
We are as different as night and day
But, if I look beyond, I can see his eyes
They are brown, mine are blue
Can we meet, just for this one night

I watched the glow of the moon
May I make a wish
To forever hold, the only one I know
I wish... he loves me too
I hear his echo on the wind
Help me get through the lonely night
To my love, forever true


Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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