~ May You Always II~

May you always be swift on your feet
When danger approaches you
May you feel your life is complete
And face each day anew.

May you always have a clear mind
When problems start to arise
May solutions be easy for you to find
And the decisions you make are wise.

May you always see the good in people
And kindness is what you receive
May the church bells ring from the steeple
Letting others know you believe.


May you always know that life is a gift
And never doubt that this is so
May God's words give you a lift
And the love for Him continually grow.

May you always know happiness
Throughout your earthly years
May you always have success
And never know of fear.

May you always have hope
When everything looks dire
May you always be able to cope
So in others you will inspire.


May you always see the beauty
Even though it's raining outside
May you always perform your duty
And to others be their guide.

May you always have a song in your heart
And greet each day with a smile
May you always have wisdom to impart
And go that extra mile.

May you always have God's light
When darkness surrounds you
May you always be contrite
And know He'll see you through.


Chee Chee Martin 2010
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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midi... Chen Li De Yue Guang
By Mavis Hee Main Theme From "Toufu Street"
Arr & Trans by : Alvin Ho J.C.

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