~ Mother's Day Rose For My Friend~

Here I am so very far dear friend
Too far to bake a cake,
No matter how delicious
For you I'd like to make.

Too far to have a visit
And take you out to tea,
To sit together in a cafe
And share a special treat.


Too far to bring a present
And watch while you unwrap,
A gift that I could choose
Your room to nicely match.

Yes, too far for that delight
But, for you I found a pretty rose,
Representing how I feel
Just to let you always know.


I've been musing on your day
And dreaming up a gift,
Something that will touch your heart
Something special I can give.

My heart is with you dear friend
With tender thoughts of love,
My prayer for you is somehow now
You will feel my gentle hug.


God Bless you
With a very Happy Mother's Day


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems May 2009



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