~ Meet Me On The Pathway ~
Come, meet me on the pathway
The connecting walk of love
As you approach take happy steps
Then I too, will take enough
So at the very heart of life
The centre of God's will
We will meet where He belongs
And love each other still
So, come wander up the pathway
And meet me at the peak
Let's leave behind all mysteries
That would make us opposite
Then a lasting bond will be secured
Our connection will be true
Love's link will clasp forever
The tender heart of me and you
Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005
You and I, we are not the brood of dust and sod,
nor shuttled threads in looms of fate;
But children Divine united in God,
with eternity as one, for our life's estate.
 We are not afloat on a cosmic night,
nor a thing of chance grown for land;
But eternal souls on an upward flight of love,
 together heirs in His wondrous plan.
Alva Romanes


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