~ Memories ~

Come and go with me
Down the memory lane.
It's a place I've always kept
To remember time and time again

I have some wonderful things
I'd just love sharing with you
And I'll just bet you're filled with
Many, not just a few!

The times I cherished greatly
When I was very small
It seems like it was yesterday
I still remember them all

Please come and sit a while
And exchange a few with me
I would love to hear them
O' so happy I would be!

There's nothing like the innocence
Of a little child, they are happy always
So many things to fascinate them
I'm sure we both recall those days

Baby dolls and tea parties
Was one thing I did enjoy
That's before I grew a bit
And discovered I liked the boys!

Just young children playing tag
Or some other ordinary game
It really did not matter
So long as the boys came.

We would choose up sides
And play a game of ball
Then we'd try real hard to win
Is that what you recall?

Tell me of the things
That you loved best of all
Just what it was that made you laugh
What made you have a ball?

Well I enjoyed it all I guess
When running it thru my mind
But I did love that call of mom's
That said...it's suppertime!

Betty Hill 2007


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Midi Margi Harrell


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