~ My Memories Of Our Love ~

My heart smiles today, as I think of you
Remembering the things, you would say and do
I cherish knowing for me, your love
Was always so faithful and true.

I so miss the touch of your hand
The way your arms held me so close
The feel of your lips, when they touched mine
How now I yearn for these things, so many times.

But I must accept, never again will I know these things
To my eyes, surely tears that brings
There is no one else, in this whole world
Who in my heart, could ever take your place
For you see my love, you still fill all the space.

My Darling my love for you, will never end
I look so forward to the day in heaven
When I will be blessed to see you again.
Now I must with my broken heart deal
Until the day my LORD, chooses me to heal
I am thankful, I know that is HIS time

Elizabeth Ann Biggs 2005

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