~ Me, Myself And You ~

I made myself a cup of tea,
For me, myself and I,
Then I sat upon my cozy chair
And let out a little sigh...

For right across from me
I spied such an empty chair,
So I had a little thought
How I would put you there.

Thus, smiling, I sipped away at my tea
This me, myself and I,
But now I had someone to share
My cream and apple pie.

For there you sat, to chat, so sweet
As I finished off my tea,
No more just me, myself and I
When you were here with me.

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Do you often feel like parched ground, unable
to produce anything worthwhile? I do. When I am
in need of refreshment, it isn't easy to think
of the needs of others. But I have found that if,
instead of praying for my own comfort and
satisfaction, I ask the Lord to enable me to give
to others, an amazing thing often happens - I
find my own needs wonderfully met. Refreshment
comes in ways I would never have thought of,
both for others, and then,
incidentally, for myself.
~ Elisabeth Elliot ~

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