~ Midnight Rider ~

Another lost love tale of yore
Whether be true or lore?
About two lovers hearts
and a fate that tore them apart

A young maiden so fair
Joyful and happy without care.
But by her Father's stern hand
he ruled her life and all the land.

One day there came a daring young man
handsome and free from another land.
Riding a big black steed so bold ...
Longing for the lady fair's heart to hold.

Passions strong and at first discreet
as they began their midnight meets ...
But soon their love was known by all
and her Father began his plan for it's fall.

The treacherous Father a message sent
To summon the young man, hell bent.
The Father's cruel heart laid the plan well
Knowing the young man would come without fail.

The note clutched to his heart
Thinking it his love's help cry ...
He rode through the night hard
Never questioning why.
But into an ambush he was led
Met by her Father's men instead.

At the stroke of twelve, in the pale moonlight
No where was his heart's love in sight
But there in wait, men of might!
With one backward glance
For his life, he couldn't take chance!

To avoid sure death and fray
He must quickly speed away!
The big steed reared strong and high
and off they rode into the night's sky.

It was all Hallows Eve
when he took his leave
Traveling both by land and sea
Always searching, riding the big black steed.

Although by fate they were torn apart
Time never stopped the longing in his heart
By the moon's light, he rides still
Without caution or care
He searches and always will ...

He will never die or grow old
Still riding that big black steed bold
Searching always for his love to hold
and vengeance for the man who stole

Searching through time's centuries always
Only by moon lit nights not days
He will never lose hope or give in
for the hand he tried to win.

On each and every Hallows Eve by night
Many a soul has taken fright
But with a brave heart you might
of this shadowy rider catch sight

Watch! He still rides at midnight
Always on that big black steed
Riding through centuries by the moon's light
His soul tormented and torn
Searching always for his lost love
and the man who on vengeance he's sworn

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

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