~ A Mind Trapped ~

My mind is telling my body to move
But for some reason it doesn't understand
The simplest of tasks become so difficult
It refuses to listen to my commands.

My mind is trapped and cornered it seems
Confusion each day is the norm
Daily tasks we all take for granted
Are hard for me to perform.

I'm now confined to a wheelchair
MS took my freedom away
I feel I'm slowly dying inside
There's times I dread the new day.

Must I continue on down this path
To endure what fate has dealt me
A body that continues to rebel
While my mind is sharp with acuity.

But I must continue on this way
The Lord spoke to me in a dream
He said, "My child have no fear
For your soul I shall redeem.

Your life has been difficult, this I know
But there's lessons and things you must learn.
Love the body I have given you,
A place in heaven you will have earned."

So even though my muscles refuse
But my mind can remember back when
What it was like to have total control
The Lord has told me that this is not the end.

Chee Chee Martin 5-10-05
Dedicated to anyone suffering
such a dreadful disease

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