~ Be Mine For All Time ~
If Jesus were my beloved valentine
What would His present be,
A bouquet of red roses that shall wilt and pass away,
Or my favorite fragrance
His sweet love
to bless my soul every day.

Would he bring me chocolates
A treat, that so soon would deplete,
Or would He care more for lasting delight
precious priceless treasure
By making my life in Him complete.

Would I love Him to take me out to dinner
(Although, for every meal I know He's here)
For every day He already feeds my soul
with the richest of fare
And takes away my fear.

If He sent me a pretty greeting
I could store it away to fade somewhere,
But, He'd rather give me everlasting joy
all of His heart
For me to freely share.

Would I prefer to choose the fluffiest toys
With eyes that would entice,
More than His abiding love
and forgiveness
When he gave His life a sacrifice.

Should He wrap me up some caramels
In hearts all trimmed with bows,
But He loves me more to give never ending life
thank you Lord
For from the grave, in victory you rose.

Would He tell me, only in February or sometime
I will be your valentine,
Or will He say... oh so lovingly
I give you all I know is best,
for I delight in your heart
My love will be with you always,
For all time
I know you will be mine.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission

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