~ Miracle ~

The day you walked into my life, you walked into my heart,
To me it's a Miracle, how Friendship seems to start.
It seemed to me that I was down and feeling sorta blue,
God must have sent an Angel, the day He sent me, you.
You took me by the hand and said, "Things are not so bad,
This is not the worst day, that you've ever had."
It was right then and there, that I knew,
My world would be much happier, with a Friend like you.
The Angels in Heaven, must have talked to God on my behalf,
So he sent me someone, that always makes me laugh.
You've always been there for me,
through laughter and through tears,
You have been such a comfort all throughout the years.
I don't know how to thank you, for all you've done for me,
I only hope that I am, half the Friend you came to be.
I know my life is richer, and happier by far,
Just because of the wonderful, loving person that you are.
I cannot see your halo, or even see your wings,
But I can see the happiness, that your friendship brings.
I do not need to see you, each and every day,
But I still Thank God for you, when I kneel to pray.
So know that you are loved, more than you will ever know,
And thoughts of you are with me, everywhere I go.
I told you God knew, right from the very start,
We would form a Friendship, bonded by the Heart..
Dedicated to: Debbie O'Dell & Kathy Fries...
Two people who bonded with me Instantly...
When I count my blessings, I thank God for that day,

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