~ Mirror Reflection ~

What is your mirror reflection,
Does it show your worth?
Can it determine the life we lead,
Or are we blessed with this at birth?

What does your mirror reflection tell,
To one passing you on the street?
Does it reflect great love for all,
Or does it shun some you may meet?

Well, that person is dirty!
Oh, and see her, she's fat!
And that one is homeless!
I'm suppose to be friends with that?

Is your mirror reflection a good one,
When you pick apart those not like you?
Don't you know that God sees everything
And that includes all that You do!

He knows your flaws, and your weakness
He knows you're not perfect too
So don't be too quick to Judge others
When the same can be said about you

Be the mirror reflection that others
Will be proud to know, and to love
For in it, your soul tells the story
Of that blessing God gave from above


Debbie Looney   2005


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