~ Missing You Dad ~

I'd love to talk to my Dad
On this day of all days
But he is in heaven above
To talk to him, I need to pray.

I want him to know how much he's missed
And of all the feelings I kept inside
I should've told him just how I felt
But my feelings I always did hide.

So Dad this poem is written for you
Oh how I wish you were still here
I would never let a day go by
Where my feelings weren't perfectly clear.

So many opportunities I let go by
So many chances I could've told you
How much you really mean to me
But I always thought you knew.

I never told you how grateful I was
For everything you did for me
For all the wisdom you did impart
You always held the key.

I wish I had another chance
There's so much I want to say
But action does speak louder than words
If you were here, I'd prove it every day.

So on this day which is Father's Day
My words I send to you above
I hope you know what's in my heart
To you Dad, I'm sending all my love.


Chee Chee Martin 5-14-05


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