So many miles between us
makes me sad and blue
can't wait another hour
I'm really missing you

In dreams we are together
on clouds of satin white
whispering sweet nothings
into the deep of night

Snuggling 'neath the twilight
as moon ignites our hearts
the passion overflowing
blushing are the stars

The morning sun awakes me
another day begins
my mind begins to wander
with thoughts of you again

I imagine you beside me
reality brings a tear
days drag on without you
wishing you were here

Minutes turn to hours
as time just slips away
days and nights are lonely
can't wait another day

This love for you is burning
I need your tender touch
every day brings sadness
I'm missing you so much

With many miles between us
I feel so sad and blue
can't wait another minute
my heart yearns only for you

By Rose Marie Streeter 2005


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