~ Missing Your Sunshine ~

You may be missing someone very special
On this celebration day
Your heart can cry so very much
Wishing all the hurt would go away

A time that's meant for joy
Can become one full of pain
As you read and see so much of care
But, there's nothing you can say

It's then we need a loving friend
Something sweet to bless our heart
So I want to send my love
Like warm sunshine in this card

You may feel sad and shed some tears
But you will always be my precious friend
Nothing can take that care away
For our love can never end

Sunshine to you on this special day
Everlasting love forever stay

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

I care for you very much ~ heart and soul.
I know God had a purpose bringing us together.
We have that special bond
"angel to angel" :-)
This I know ~ this is not even near the
end but will blossom in His kingdom forever

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Midi By Jeffrey Chang Transcribed by Aaron Christopher Yap
on 25th Dec 1996

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2006