~ Misspent Days ~

The clock is ticking way too fast
Each day is slipping by
I once enjoyed the days of my youth
But now my eyes can't lie.

They speak of all the misspent days
The times when worries were few
The fun and friends across the years
Never thinking of paying my dues.

Each line on my face represents a time
Of laughter, sadness, or woe
Tracing each one will give you a clue
Of the path that I chose to go.

I'm paying now for what I did
Seeking pleasure instead of the light
My soul is now paying the price
My face will tell you of my plight.

No longer can I keep it hidden from view
No longer can my misdeeds be concealed
Just look into my eyes and see
They're pleading for my soul to be healed.

Regrets I have too many to mention
I should've done things another way
Is it too late to turn these things around?
I don't know but I'll continue to pray.

Lost and alone I've created this
No arms to hold me tight
This body is shriveled and wracked with pain
I am a pitiful sight!


 Chee Chee Martin © 2006

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