The last time I saw Mom today, was at Wal-Mart
standing by her shopping cart.
Don't know how or why,
but she was gone in the blink of an eye!

I even gave it a wild shot
and looked out in the parking lot!
AND man, burned my sandals off, it was so hot!
Everything's on fire and my stomach's in a knot!

Escaping the heat I went back in
and started looking around again.
Calm down, can't be this raged
but she didn't even answer when paged!

I know she's around
just can't be found.
Now it's been awhile
and I've searched every isle.

Mom's nowhere to be seen
and my feet are not feeling too keen
as I feverishly search and stand
here in this "rollback" land.

Oh, me! Oh, my!
How could this happen and why??
Now my back's beginning to ache,
everything's hurting for goodness sake!

I just left her in the lurch
and I'm spending money as I search!
My goodness, I know Mom's lost,
but this is beginning to cost!

L@@K at my cart!! This 'n that and such
this is costing wayyyy tooooo much ...
Oh, Mom, you're worth every penny of it,
but hubby is gonna' have an absolute fit!

So help me, everything is such bargains ....
as I, with feet hurtin', look over in "men's"
Wait! Still looking for Mom, but check out that dress ...
Got to snag that beauty, but to hubby never confess!

Mom's just gone with the wind ...
I can come back tomorrow, maybe with a friend
for after all ... tomorrow is another day ...
(& hubby's payday), she'll be safe if I Pray ...

Now if you happen to see
Mom without me,
tell her to get on the phone
and please call home!

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

*To Pam!!
(The daughter that left ME at Wal-Mart!!)


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