~ My Momma Told Me ~

My Momma told me many things
That I ignored so long ago
She said I'd heed her someday
And as I aged, I found this so

My Momma always gave advice
On every little thing
But I just shrugged it off
As her constant babbling

When I was young and giddy
You see, my dreams were not her dreams
But from respect I listened
Still I didn't hear it seems

She told me I'd remember someday
When all was done and said
And when I was settled down and happy
I found her words inside my head

You see my Momma always told me
To do everything I should
Be honest and trustworthy
And all would come to me, that's good

She said to "always give your best"
In everything you do
Then you'll have no regrets
When your life on earth is through

I wish I would have listened
When I was young, with life ahead
And she was right in saying
I would remember all she said

Debbie Looney 2006


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Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell

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