Lundi matin

You got that run down feelin'
The Monday mornin' drag
Let's call it the mornin' after
When everythin' just sags

The folks have run amuck
Skedaddled out the door
Yer left with all tha cleanin'
Don't no one care at-all

The garbage's runnin' over
There's nuthin' left to eat
Forget about the laundry
Yer feelin' far too beat

It's only ten o'clock
And yer already drooped
Just plonk on down
And dream 'bout some really nice warm soup

Ah, I think you've got the fever
Yep, sure-nuff, all hot and clammy quiver
It's called the Monday-itis wammy
Quite common and so very catchy

Makes ya look all wan and pasty
Scrappy, shaggy, flabby
Hair all wild and scraggy
Eyes so very baggy

Skin all worn and craggy
Oh so very snappy
But you,
You wouldna' throw no paddy

'Cause you're so very handy
From you there'll be no hanky panky
I know you never dilly-dally
Your spirit's A-OK alrighty
And all will be just dandy


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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