~ Moonlight Dance ~
Pardon me madam, if I might say
But I've found myself in a trance
Watching you waltz in this moonlight
Would you bid me such a chance?

I was hoping you would ask me
Because this music is so divine
Sharing it with you would be lovely
'Neath the moonlight and stars that shine.

I am so honored and pleased
To have a dance with you
For you dance like a lovely angel
And radiate a gentleness so true.

Your words are kind and sweet
Such things I haven't heard before
So take me by the hand
Let's waltz across the floor.

Like a breeze in this star filled night
You just take my breath away
As the elegance of your soft steps
Enhance my heart as I lead the way.

Just hold me tenderly in your arms
Your shoulder, I'll lean my head upon
Let's create our own inner music
We'll dance until dawn.

Ah! My lady, how very sweet it is
As strange feelings inside of me release
Embracing the softness of your body
Waltzin' with you with such ease.

I hear your heart beating softly
As you hold me close to you
I gaze into your eyes
These feelings I have are new.

I will never forget this night
And will always hold you in high esteem
For dancing with you the way we are
I feel as if I am captured in a dream.

This is a dream to me dear one
I wish this night wouldn't end
I would love to dance the night away
As our souls intertwine and blend.

As we kiss and say good bye
I know that it was not by chance
That God should bring us unto each other
And has graced us so in this moonlight dance.

Written by: Steve Politte and



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