Artwork of Sandra Kuck


~ A Moon Pie and RC ~
by: O' Puppy

Oh...I can remember...when I was a kid
Dad often surprised me, for things that I did.
Those days, they were something, so special to me
Whenever my treat was, a moon pie and RC.
As I take a moment, to file through my mind.
So quickly reminded, those days were so kind
What seemed complicated, is simple today.
Back then we just wished, for some other way.

My mom was this angel, who did what it took.
From being a mother, to being a cook.
No matter the burden, she managed it all
To me as a youngster, she stood ten feet tall.

And dad was the greatest, but he worked so much.
The bills to be paid, the groceries and such,
Yet I don't remember, one word of complaint.
These days all you hear is...I won't or I can't.
So lord, please forgive me, for my selfishness.
I feel like a fool, as I'm writing you this.
My promise to you, if you'll watch over me...
Is a hug and a kiss, a moon pie and RC...

Ronnie D. Shreve 2003
used with permission




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Midi "Because You Love Me"
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