~ Love In The Morning Light ~
The morning light shines
And I dream of your face
The kind smile and the open heart
That sees the soul of the one you love
I wish you were here to kiss and hold
You are so far away
That I can almost feel your touch
I am lonely
Because I can only feel you
In the air I breathe
I am thankful I knew you
Even if it was just a little while
The evening night shines
And a shooting star falls to the earth
I made a wish
And I can feel the earth stand still
I am whole once more.
I turn in the shadows
Your hand is on my arm.
My love brought me to you.
We look in each other's eyes,
With tears on our face
I come to understand
We will be together for all time
The world has beautiful meaning.
Love is all around us.
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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