~ Morning's Dawn ~

I could feel it deep down in my bones
The chilling effect, deep inside of my soul
I felt so lost and lonely, that I decided to run
Away from the vile cold, towards the sun.

The faster I ran, the more lonely I got
I did not take the time, there was no way to stop
Still the pain in my heart, growing so steadily
I just kept on running, as I was not ready.

The blackness, like a moonless night
What my eye saw, missed my mind's sight
The sun just kept getting further away
But my mind grew tired and I finally gave way.

I huddled in the darkness, shivering alone
My mind closed to all, blocked by a huge stone
Then in the distance, I could see a light
Off in the darkness, at the edge of my sight.

I heard a voice telling me to go there
The voice of an angel, so full of love and care
This darkness can show you the truth
The ground will soften with the dew.

Morning will always come after the night
Warming up your bones to free your sight
With the Lord's blessing morning shall dawn
Inside your soul all the darkness will be gone.

So, if in your life you feel this cold
With darkness trying to invade your soul
Just sit and face what comes with the dark
The morning's dawn will live in your heart.

Gary Salter 2005

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Mitch McVicker midi...My Deliverer Rich Mullins
Sequenced by Brian William
(c) 1998 Liturgy Legacy Music

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