Mornin' To Ya
A-waitin' 'ere was I
An' I couldna keep so very still
Waitin' for the lovely
In the mornin' I cen feel

Ev'ry moment I was lookin'
E'en though I didna know
Fer someone I was a-waitin'
Where me heart 'twould be at 'ome

And then one day it ended
All thet waitin' was no more
Fer all the lovin' thet I'd wanted
'twas as I waited fer

Yer lovin' came to me
In'a mornin', out the blue
Canna believe it 'appened so
Oh, I thankin' God, He sent me you

Soft stpatty whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

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midi...Dumbarton's Drums
Sequenced By Barry Taylor

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