~ Mother And Child ~

You can see the love in Maryís face
Our Lord Jesus holiness and grace
How Mary holds her baby tight
Not knowing of His holy plight

A love for her baby is so much more
Kind and gentle is He that she adores
Mother Mary sings to Him a loving lullaby
Child of God she breathes an accepting sigh

One star filled the night with light
On a most magnificent of nights
Admiration filled Joseph on bended knee
He knows Jesus will keep His people free

Poor shepherds came to see
One of the holiest of men to be
Three kings bowed to Our Lord
Bearing gifts and their hearts soared

All who came realized Jesus is Earthís true King
Mary and The Lordís Angels giving praise and sing
Joseph, His Earthly father was prophesized from David
All throughout the Bible these are stories very vivid

Now this Christmas season all good Christians celebrate
Throughout the Earth our message will reverberate
Jesus is our true Lord, King and God
Protector of Heaven and Earth, He guards

All His faithful believers are promised a second life
Where peace and happiness reign without strife
This is our Christmas message every year
We are faithful to our Lord and have no fear

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2005
Poet N My Soul

Therefore if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new
creation: the old has gone,
the new has come!
Corinthians 5:17


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