Dear Mom in law, I really do love you
but my gosh, the things you do!
You really did embarrass me
at my big company pool party ...

I didn't call ya, thought it better
if I sit and write ya a letter
If I'd called, I'd have to shout
since your hearing aid shorted out ...

When you described your bathing suit
Heyyy, it sounded nice and really cute!
Little did I guess or know
You'd put on quite a show!

NO, I didn't feel too Blessed
when you shocked all my guests
I do think it a little wrong
your showing up in a THONG!

All of my friends and neighbors about
and you "letting it all hang out"
My neighbor turned to me and said
Oh, geezz, your face is so red ...

He asked, who is that woman I just saw
Isn't that your Mother In Law ..?
Totally embarrassed, I looked up
Gosh dang! That had to be a D cup!

"Who is that?" they all asked
Well, I was just simply aghast!
Out there strutting your stuff ...
you were practically in the buff!

What in the heck were you thinking
My boss asked if you'd been drinking
I hope you read this SOON
and BTW, your hips looked like prunes

AND who was that young man
clinging and holding your hand?
By now I was NOT feeling great joy
then you said it was your "house boy"

You should act like a nice Granny
and try NOT to embarrass me
I don't know why you wore that thing
You won't be seeing us til next Spring ...

Everyone sends their love
P.S WHAT were you thinking of!?

Your loving...
but totally embarrassed son in law ....


Barbara LaBarbera 2004



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