Hello Son,

I'm just sitting here and smiling
Thinking life is so divine
Since you bought me this computer
And I've got friends on line

All day I keep on clicking
Playing games and doing IM's
And keep myself more entertained
Than I have ever been

It's more fun than playing party line
Like when I was a little kid
To get the daily updates then
'Bout what other people did

I think it is addicting though
'Cause I never get enough
Of all the games and fun things
Greeting cards and all that stuff

I like to watch that 'buddy box'
And watch folks come and go
Whoever it was that thought of this
Is somebody I'd like to know

My friends are up to a dozen now
I've signed everything on line
This is such a fantastic way
For me to spend my time

Now another thing I've been wondering
Who would be to blame
If I let all this technical stuff
Drive me totally insane

So if I take leave of my senses
Or flip out soon in time
Remember Son, I was so happy
Just before I lost my mind

Thanks for the gift.

Love, Mother

Yolanda Cohen & Betty Hill 2007

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