~ A Mother's Love ~

With instincts born deep inside her,
a mother gathered her brood.
She knew she could never leave,
for her babies were just brand new.

The fire was a raging inferno,
she could have taken to flight,
leaving her children to suffer,
leaving them there to die.

I am certain she knew a fear
that we may never know,
but stalwart she stood at her post,
so her babies could live and grow.

They found her at morning's light,
just a burned, ash covered shell,
but from underneath her body,
her children were safe and well.

This mother has set an example
one blessed by our Father above,
she lived to nurture her children,
and in dying, she proved her love.

2007 Forrest Phelps-Cook

This is based on the story told of
a mother bird who was found
burned to death after a fire
in Yellowstone National Park.
From underneath her wings,
three small chicks scurried out.

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