~ A Mothers Touch ~
When I was growing on the farm
My mother showed me
How a life could be,
Though it be raining day after day
She lived a special life for me to see.
As through my childish eyes
In all my mothers heart,
I saw a nobler call for all,
From birth pangs until now
I watched her walk a chosen path.

It wasn't just a call of duty
But, a deep devotion true,
To set a tone within the home
A courage from a faith renewed,
To hold out the word of life to all
And apply its hope in all we do.
With skill she watches every child
To see they're honed in every way,
Their minds and bodies, hearts and souls
talents, virtues, faults, her goal
With prayer, for God to shape the whole.
To build eternal destiny
For years her work's unseen at best,
With no fruit to glean from daily tasks
The growth so slow in tenderness
While fed and nurtured in her nest.

No greater, more demanding work
Will ever be her all,
No more inspiring call
Than forming an eternal soul
Much more than can be imagined
Or dreamt, the demand for more.
Dear God, give mothers of Your wisdom
Your mighty faith and love,
May Your Spirit raise up generations now to come
Who will seek Your will above,
For the worlds desperate hope will ever be
A Mothers heart down on her knees,
devoted to her child

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


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