~ The Mountains Of Tennessee ~
(Great Smoky Mts.)

Driving to the mountains of Tennessee,
slowly savoring all the magnificent trees.
Stopping and visiting old log cabins,
where people once lived in harmony.
Parking the car at the side of the road,
walking carefully up the hill,
A church and a cemetery perched on top,
flowers on graves, all remembered still.

The road continued past a working mill,
we turned back to visit and buy some cornmeal.
Water cascaded over the turning wooden wheel,
crushing the grain for food appeal.
Watching the grain transformed into ground pieces,
gathered together, ready for sale, I bought a bag.
Corn bread watered my mouth as I received my change,
when I get home I can begin my cooking jag.

The parking lot by the Visitor's Center was full,
but we managed to find space and off we went.
We proceeded to the old settlement house,
climbing wooden steps preserved, a wonderment.
Souvenirs and artifacts of old exhibited,
old working tools, books on settlers displayed.
Found some postcards to send away to friends,
nothing to interest me except so much decayed.

The highlight of the driving tour we were on,
the curving roads and fields that stretched beyond.
Movement by the side of the road caught our eye,
as drivers stopped to look and respond.
The deer were crunching on the fields of grass,
moving closer and closer to the viewer's glance.
We all held our breath in wondrous excitement,
a wild creature in sight kept us in a trance.

These are the mountains of Tennessee,
God's creation left for all to view.
It's old and has seen the test of time,
yet to visitors it is the new.
So venture forth to see the mountains,
valleys, brooks, all the sights.
It's another time, people with different values,
God's still there, so much still delights.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2005

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