~ Dear God of Mudpuddles ~

Dear God I pray
As oft' times I do,
Please bless me as I splash today
In every puddle new.

For in the cloudy days that come
I won't ever dodge each pain,
So please cover me in Your umbrella
As I'm running through the rain.

Help me to jump with joyful feet
Just as a child would do,
And find the fresh discoveries
That from Your heart ring true.

If far too many shadows loom
Give me sight to see the flowers,
And joyfully blow the fluffy dandelion
To see more of Your power.

And if I forget the happy tune
Of the song You gave to sing,
Tell me again, the words to know
From promises You bring.

Then as I put on my galoshes
To go and make some fun,
I'll hear the birds that sing
And find a frog to grin
And smile 'til day is done.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

If Jesus said, "Do not fear,
its going to be alright"
Then it sure will be

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