Poetry is a graceful motion
Flowing fluid as a song
Words turbulent as a storm
Or inspiring as the dawn.

It is a private impression
Of a mental image drawn
Shining for the moment
And captured before it's gone.

Poetry is a powerful force
Held together by words
Too loud to be silent
Crying out to be heard.

Under a shawl of solitude
Poets with pen in hand
Compose lines late at night
Hoping someone will understand.

Your favor I do not seek
The reason is only mine
From the fruit of my spirit
Created by my own design.

Your love I do not plead
It simply says I am
For poets are beyond a love
Anyone would understand.

It can be a sorrowful tune
Others may have sung.
Yet it can please and delight
Both the old and the young.

Poetry is a message from
The whirlpools in life's streams
Needing to calm the mind
Of experiences and dreams.

Carol Barton 2004
Carol's Poetry

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Midi - "Aerith (Full Orchestra Version)
Performed/Sequenced by Masashi Ito
Original "Aerith" Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
Copyright 1997 by Masashi Ito