~ My Angel's Secret Garden ~
I have an angel garden
Where morning glory never fades,
And sweetest angels play there
In the garden
My loving Father makes.
I want the lovely angels
To be welcome anytime,
So my garden shall be arranged
Where they'll be at home
Within this heart of mine.
So in my precious garden
I'll play music ever sweet,
I'll seek to be thankful
And ask the Lord to take away
Any frustrated streak.
Then in my lovely angel garden
Where the birds still softly call,
A myriad of angels will stay
And though unseen
Will gladly care for us all.
For in a peaceful angel garden
Gods angels will love to linger near
Always gathered close
Protecting and comforting
To wipe away my tears.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission


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