~ My Beary Best Friends ~

I have loving friends, whose spirit touch my heart
My spirit sister is my true friend
She brought me God's love
She sees me as a gift from Heaven

In the flowers, birds and butterflies
Which take to the air
We have so much feeling
I know she is always there

I am blessed with my special friend
I write to every day
Who shares her heart with me
I love her in every way

I have a friend who is an angel
She is close to those who have gone before
I stay in her heart where I feel safe
I can be with God where He wants me to do more

My many friends were sent to me
In my pain, I still have hope
I can write about moonbeams
And write about "God's Art"

I may feel weak
I am not strong
I made a promise to my father
God will give me the strength to live on

There is a reason why I was born
I have a purpose to continue until the end
My friends will help me to be strong
I am a messenger of God so I will carry on.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet
Written for my wonderful friends

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