~ My Blessed Redeemer ~

My blessed Redeemer all to THEE I owe
There were no works I could have done
That would for me have earned
The Salvation YOU provided for me
It was given to me, a gift forever free.

By the shedding of YOUR precious blood
The ransom for my sin was totally paid
YOUR Father's will, YOU lovingly obeyed
That none of HIS children need be lost
Even though YOUR precious life it cost.

Three days later from the grave, YOU arose
YOU were victorious, and took from Satan's hand
The keys of death, the grave and Hell
For all now, who in YOU trust and believe
Even in death, with our soul, all will be well.

May YOUR praise My LORD, be forever on my lips
Thank you, My precious Savior and Redeemer
That YOU loved me so much, YOUR all YOU gave
The greatest gift to me, YOU could have given
Is eternal life with YOU, in Heaven.


Elizabeth Ann Biggs  March 19, 2007
Poems From My Heart

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