~ My Child ~

My child I feel your burdens
I am right there by your side
Somehow I need to reach you
For you are, one of a kind

I created you for loving
Planted seed within your soul
So you would walk with me forever
And I thought, this, you should know

My thoughts are not your thoughts
Many times within a day
But my heart is always with you
If you will only learn to pray

Sometimes it seems I'm absent
When no answers come along
But rest assured I'm listening
And soon your answer will be strong

This is God, please hear my voice
For I will never walk away
With me you have eternity
And I hear all you have to say

Keep searching, and you'll find me
Keep knocking, I will hear
Do not give up with anguish
Because to me, you are so dear

I'll carry you forever
I've sacrificed all for your soul
To bring you through the fire
That was my Father's goal

I cannot wait to see you
To dry your tears away
You see, my child, I'm watching
And you will never go astray


Debbie Looney 11/03/2006

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