~ My Christmas Bear ~

I spied this tender little bear
Just as I hoped I would,
Soft fur, soft eyes and cuddly
To me, so valuable.

'Cause, when I look into his eyes
I see your gentle look,
And, if I'm smiling at his smile
Then, that is how you would.

I will keep this bear right near me
And I will tell you why,
You'll understand when I explain
And do a little sigh...

'Cause of all that is most special
You should be with me too,
Here with every one I love
Celebrating, as is true.

But, you won't be here for Christmas,
Though I'm longing for your heart,
(I might have others near
But won't hear your happy laugh.)

So, when I decorate the table
I'll pretend to set a place for you,
And when I wrap my presents
I'll imagine one for you-know-who.

Then, I'll very gently place
My cuddly bear beneath the tree,
So that I'll have you snuggled
Beary cozy, close to me.

I'll call bear by your lovely name,
When e'er I need you come,
And will turn, give you a wink
When I know you'd like the fun.

For God's gift of this time with you
Is of the very best,
To have so near my friend to love-
How could I be more blessed.

And I'll be praying for you always
A very special Christmas touch.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Dec 2009

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