~ My Christmas Gift ~

I wish and I wish for my special Christmas Gift
Something for Jesus, that I can give,
For Christmas is giving, with hope, a prayer
An angel on top of the tree must be there
Christmas this year, my loving friend
For Baby Jesus, what shall we share

I wish and I wish, with stars in my eyes
A snow filled night, all warm without fear
A nice little dinner, as I wonder and wonder
Will Baby Jesus, be happy I'm here

I dream and I dream, of wonderful things
What should I give....The King of Kings
I have no money, nothing to share
Will The Baby Jesus, be happy this year

One Christmas Eve, oh Holy Night
All the children, fast asleep in their beds
It was silent, as snow softly fell
A little boy put on his boots
Walked outside, 'twas very still
It was so much colder, than he ever knew
Was The Baby Jesus, this chilly too

It was then that he saw, the bright starry light
Coming from a manger, not far from sight
He went in and saw the donkeys and lambs
The owls and the chickens, soft in his hand
He saw the wise men laying their gifts
Beautifully bright, as love ever gives

He crept near the Baby Jesus, in manger stall
And heard the angels singing, good will to all
He whispered to mother, Mary
"It is cold outside, I have no Christmas Gift
Only the coat on my back
If you would be so kind,
I would like the baby wrapped in that"

Mary smiled, wrapped Baby Jesus in the coat
A little drummer boy came
and played 'pon his drum,
For a whole life to come,
This is, Christmas love

The Baby Jesus smiled
at all the friends He had made,
Then the boy ran home in the snow
so glad, 'twas his coat he gave.

His mother and father, were waiting at the door
They asked, where is the coat, you always wore,
He said look there, at the light far away
My Jesus is warm, my coat's His today
There were surprised, he gave his coat to The Lord
But now knew that love,
was the gift of Christmas day


Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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Original Art Image by Sandra Kuck