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~ My Christmas Poem To You ~

May the gentle snow bring you peace and love
The Angels are dusting their pillows from above
The heavenly Spirit you can feel and touch
Divine white softly falling to earth with love
May your holidays be filled with joy and cheer
Let your heart become more tender this time of year
Show love to others with a smile and a hug of faith
Become part of their lives before it becomes too late

Each year we plan this glorious day with gifts of anticipation
Directed toward our families and friends
and remember past relations
We gather in our own chosen groups at home
And become thankful all is well in our world alone
May you never forget the others whom are not as fortunate as you
Spread your love and compassion with all your soul and might
And pray that others will be blessed this holy night
Our Master asks for our outreached love to be shared
Christmas is His birthday and believe me, He is still there

R.Brent 2005
Sundown, a Cherokee

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My Christmas Song For Jesus
Yuko Ohigashi 2000

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