~ My Christmas Tree ~

My Christmas tree still grows
Out in the forest ‘neath the sky
Branches bowed with decorations
Unseen by the naked eye
The kinds of ornaments
You can’t buy in any store
Made from recollections
From Christmases of yore
Nights spent until wee hours
Putting those toys together
Going out late for batteries
Into the wintry weather
The flushed, excited faces
The wide eyes filled with glee
Some old memories of those times
When that excited child was me
Friends and family dropping by
With loads of Christmas cheer
When leaving, shouting wishes
For, a “Happy New Year”
Some memories of quiet eves
In front of a cracklin’ fire
A hot toddy, maybe two
Before this Santa’d retire
But friends and family move
And some may really go away
But they’ve a place in my heart
Christmas Eve and Christmas day
Now those kids of yesteryear
They suddenly are grown
They find mates, get married
Have families of their own
Those Christmas decorations
Need not sparkle and shine
For memories bring a beauty
Of a very special kind
So, though I may be alone
And my Christmas tree looks bare
That’s not really true
‘Cause of those memories we share.


Del "Abe" Jones © 2006

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Midi by Margi Harrell

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