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~ My Dad, My Friend ~

When my father sees me using
All the skills that he began
I can see his smile inside
As I gently hold his hand

When my father knows I follow
All the values he has formed
I know that he is glad
My little life was born

When my father gives to me
The things that he has used
I know they are for me
So his love will be continued

When my father touches me
I know that he is glad
That I am his special child
And that he is my Dad

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Days are gone when I measured my height
By standing by your side
Days are gone, when I tried to follow
Your steps, your manners, your stride
These are the days when dear daddy
I want to tell you already
You have been a special mentor
A very special friend
And a very very special Dad
Of love that will never ever end.





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